April 20th @ Free Times Café

I want you to know that I tried to think of other topics for this missive – the Quebec election, Crimea, Game of Thrones – all the burning issues of our time – but I kept getting drawn back to the break-up of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

Except it isn’t a break-up or a split or a d-i-v-o-r-c-e, it is, according to Gwyneth – a “conscious uncoupling.” Now I understand that as special people different than you and me, folks like Gwyneth and Chris can’t just throw in the towel, but conscious uncoupling?

Here’s the problem I have with this term and why I have to write about it. I don’t think it’s good for the children. You may not know this but G and C have two children named Fruit Bat and Astrolabe. Actually I just checked and apparently their kids are not Fruit Bat and Astrolabe but rather Apple and Moses – two fine Old Testament names – assuming Apple is named after the fruit that tempted that Adam and Eve – if not then there’s one fine Old Testament name and one that remembers the Beatles’ record label, which is cool too.

Anyway, here’s the problem with “conscious uncoupling.” If they’re consciously uncoupling when they’re breaking up, then that would mean they were “unconsciously coupling” when they were married – and I just don’t think little Fruit Bat and Astrolabe (sorry Apple and Moses) should think they were result of unconscious coupling, even if that were the case and while I wouldn’t know and really don’t care about the intimate details of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s relationship, we have to think about the children.

Thinking about the children is something we do a lot in Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room. I realize that this might not be readily apparent when you see us play but it’s true. Sure we could pander to young people by playing Raffi songs (if they’re really young) or Katy Perry or One Direction (if they’re a bit older) or hip hop music or electronic dance music (if they’re even a bit older) but we don’t want to pander.

We think that playing a gig where there is no cover, at a place easily accessible by transit – the Free Times Cafe on College just west of Major, with lots to choose from among food and drink, a sensible start time – 8 pm, and this month on a Sunday night where Monday is holiday and so there are no school concerns, shows a real concern for younger folks. Perhaps for older folks too, but that’s just because we care about everybody.

I guess I do have to apologize for the bagpipes. I know I said that we don’t feel its right to pander to young people, but the bagpipes are just such a huge draw for kids that we include them. And while it has been suggested that our bagpipe driven medley of Raffi’s greatest hits paired with our Beyonce tribute might be a bit much, all I can say about that is that it was a direct request from Fruit Bat and Astrolabe, and after all they’ve been through, how could we refuse.

Hope to see you there.


April 20th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Mist Covered Mountains
There’s A Place
Navajo Rug
Alcohol And Pills
Trois Corbells
Parents Like Us
Yankee Lady
You Can’t Stand Up
Brand New Tennesee Waltz
Gringo In Belize
Ashokan Farewell
All My Tears
Bang Bang
Glenora Ferry
Unchain My Heart
Half As Much
Riding Mountain
Shame On Me
I’ve Been The One
I’ll Take The Blame
I Like It
Sweet Old World
There Stands The Glass
Flower Of Scotland
Down In The Boondocks
South Train
Long Way To The Top