June 15th @ Free Times Café

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I am now willing to come out publicly and say that winter is done. Yes, I’m pretty sure we have about six months before we have to worry about seeing how the snow flies (and by the way, I thought the snow flies were particularly bad last winter, the fact that they’re white means you can’t see them and they really did bite this time around).

We’re almost at that time when Torontonians start complaining about the humidity. I know you promised in March, ‘If summer would only come, I swear not to complain about how humid it is’ but you’re going to break that pledge pretty soon, because that’s what we do – we swear we’ll never forget how uncomfortable and cold we were when we’re uncomfortable and cold, but then a couple months later we do forget and then go on about how hot it is.

The other thing we do really well is exaggerate how bad the winter and/or summer was just a year or so after it has passed. In a year or two you’ll be saying ‘That winter of 2103/14, I had to shovel my walk nine times a week for three weeks straight, and remember when the electricity was lost, I survived with just a candle and a bowl of Chunky Soup for eight days.’

And if that’s not enough, then we go on about how living through cold winters and hot summers makes us better and stronger as people. Better and stronger than whom, you might ask? Well certainly ‘the Americans’ – we’re definitely better and stronger than them. We chuckle when we see news clips of snowstorms in the States and smugly note that ‘they’ can’t drive in the snow. And then we go on and talk about the virtues of having ‘real’ summers and winters.

But this whole ‘Real Canadians survive cold winters and hot summers’ is not actually directed at those south of the 49th parallel. For people in Toronto, it’s directed at our compatriots in Vancouver. Because somehow we have to justify to ourselves why we’re not living in a big city where there’s no humidity in the summer and it snows just three times a year in the winter and the snow stays for a day at most. And where the geraniums or the roses or the azaleas or some type of flower that we don’t see until May or June pokes its head out in February and everyone who lives in Vancouver calls everyone they know in Toronto to tell them that the flowers are blooming, or else posts pictures on some form of social media whose only purpose appears to be to let people in Vancouver show off and act smug in their Lululemon workout gear.

But forget the weather, one thing that Toronto has that Vancouver doesn’t is (wait for it) Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room. That’s right, the third Sunday of every month, Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room can be found at the Free Times Cafe (College just west of Spadina) purveying its unique and wildly eclectic brand of music. And in June we’ll be at it on the 15th – Fathers Day. And so be sure to bring dad and give him a musical treat – or not – I’m not really interested in your family dynamics at this time. We start at 8 and there is no cover. And by ‘no cover’ I mean you don’t have to pay anything to see the band. The place is of course, covered; there’s a roof and air conditioning for the summer and heat for the winter; we’re strong and all that, but we’re not crazy.

Hope to see you there.


P.S. I know Vancouver has that endless rain in the fall that is relentless and turns the sky grey for weeks on end and sends people into great depressions, but Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room has bagpipes, so it’s kind of even on that front.

June 15th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Lady Bridget Oppenheim
I Wish I Was Your Mother
Five Days In May
A Father’s Love
Dream Lover
Comes A Time
Histoire sans parole
Old Paint
Silver Wings
Mist Covered Mountains
New Speedway Boogie
Lost On The Bayou
C’est la vie
Long Way To The Top
Calypso Piper
Redemption Song
Ashokan Farewell
Pair Of Brown Eyes
Harvest Moon
I Saw Her Standing There
I Mean It When I Say I Do
Trashy Women
Orange Blossom Special
Every Time You Walk In THe Room
When The Night Comes