November 18th @ Free Times Café

I don’t usually pay attention to news stories about big corporations suing each other – generally my attitude is “a plague on both your houses.” Recently however, I was captivated by the lawsuit against Pfizer Canada – the pharmaceutical giant who makes, among other things, Viagra. Pfizer’s patent in Canada on Viagra was successfully challenged by another huge company, Teva Canada, (I don’t think they are the same folks who make Teva sandals but who knows how multi, multi-nationals are, these days).

Anyway, Teva sued Pfizer because they said Pfizer buried the formula for Viagra in their patent application so that it was virtually impossible to find (especially if you’re a company that normally makes sports sandals). If you want to read the decision you can find it at – Spoiler alert – the secret active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil.

Now that I have revealed the secret ingredient however, I am required by law to provide the following warning.

Warning: Do not try to make Viagra at home. If you do and you are successful (and believe me, you’ll know if you’re successful) and you have an erection that lasts more than three hours call your doctor. And if, when you call your doctor, she or he is not in and you get the answering service, then for God’s sake, just take yourself to the nearest hospital. (Parenthetically, and here I pause to ask if saying ‘parenthetically’ in brackets is just ridiculously redundant – I mean do you ever actually need to write the word ‘parenthetically’ at all when you could much more easily just put in one of these – ( followed after some appropriate words, with one of these ) – but I digress. Who other than some practitioners of tantric yogic sex – and my guess is that this is really more myth than reality – doesn’t know that a three hour erection is not something to be proud of but is, in fact, a medical condition).

Anyway, thinking about all this made me wonder about the chemistry that lies behind other things. Take, for example, music. If you took 10 musicians who played, let’s say, drums, bass, guitar, fiddle, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, bhodran, flute, saxophone, ukulele, tin whistle, washboard, percussion and bagpipes and put them all together in a room, would they necessarily always come up with the same mix of music as the 10 folks in Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room who play those instruments. Somehow I doubt it – I think there is a chemistry among the 10 of us that makes what we produce unique – and I think it’s fair to say that whether people like our music a lot or not so much, it is unique.

Anyway, if you would like to determine for yourself the chemical reaction that occurs when the 10 of us get together you can watch any of our YouTube videos listed below (and please do, we love watching the number of views go up – some of them have actually had more than 46 already) or better yet, come see us live. We’ll be at the Free Times Café (College and Major) on Sunday, November 18 at 8 p.m., the show goes to around 11, there’s no cover and there is plenty of fine food and drink. And you too can be part of the experiment because I think it’s fair to say we react better with an audience. And unlike Viagra, after spending three hours or more with Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room there is no need to see a doctor – unless perhaps you sit too close to the bagpipes.

Hope to see you there.


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November 18th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Setting Course For Lewis
Sooner or Later
Hillbilly Beach
Dream Lover
Chemical Workers Song
P Stands for Paddy
Silver Wings
Lying Eyes
Where Does Love Go
Andrew McNeil Piobraireachd
White Bird
Long Way To The Top
Can’t Sit Down
Ahead By a Century
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
Lay Down Sally
Ashokan Farewell
It’s Impossible
Last Cheater’s Waltz
Sucks To Be Me
Going Home
Volcanig Jig
Save The Last Dance For Me
Glenora Ferry