April 20th @ Free Times Café (Cancelled)

Due to a scheduling mixup, this month’s performance has to be cancelled.
We are terribly sorry. We’ll be back again next month!

My mother reads the obituary section in the newspaper fairly regularly. It’s not that she’s morbid, it’s that she is at the age where a lot of her friends and acquaintances are passing away – it happens. I too follow the obits but not just any obit, I read the ones about rock stars and kinda rock stars and one-time rock stars who have passed on. Some still die from the rock n’ roll lifestyle, but a lot are just, you know, old.

Take for example Alvin Lee who died in March at 68. Alvin wasn’t your top tier rock star. He’s best known to folks who know him at all as the guy who played guitar in the band 10 Years After and was featured in the Woodstock movie playing a song called Going Home. It wasn’t the greatest song in the world, it was basically a pastiche (despite the name a pastiche is not a delicious cream cake with lots of layers, but if you want it to be then it is) of a bunch of 50s rock tunes and blues clichés but what distinguished it was that Alvin Lee played the solos in the song really, really, really fast. The English newspaper The Telegraph called it a “swaggering performance” as opposed to some shows where the lead singer is wandering around drunk and then it’s a staggering performance (although admittedly staggering could be a good thing too).

Anyway, thinking about Alvin Lee and 10 Years After reminded me that the little band I’m part of – Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room – is now in its 10th year of music making – yes, we’ve been plying our trade for over a decade. When Neil Young had a decade in the music business he issued a triple album called Decade, which isn’t the most imaginative title in the world but it does make a point. We were going to do the same thing except we haven’t actually recorded anything, which I feel contributes to our charm. If you want to experience the Living Room you have to see the Living Room live and in person. On reflection, that’s actually not quite true, because you can also see us on YouTube and we’d really like it if you did because we like to see the number of hits go up and people are getting tired of me going to their computers and watching our videos to get the numbers up – just Google Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room and then click on videos and they will all appear for your listening and viewing pleasure.

So 10 years after our first gig at the Free Times Café at College and Major we’re still at the Free Times Café because we are nothing if not loyal – and a bit lazy too (that might explain the lack of recordings come to think of it). This month we’re playing on Saturday April 20 and the show starts, as it usually does, at 8 and will go until around 11. And we’ll do lots of songs, some we’ve done before and some that are new. As always there is no cover and as always there are bagpipes and, if pressed, I would be inclined to agree that the latter may be responsible for the former, but then cause and effect are so difficult to establish.

Hope to see you there.