May 19th @ Free Times Café

So last month, due to a scheduling mix-up, that I maintain was not our fault, Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room did not play at the Free Times Café in April. I did send out a little blurb about that show, obviously before I knew about the snafu. Thus, while we are definitely playing this month at the Free Time, on Sunday May 19th, it seemed odd to me to write a whole new piece about seeing the band and so I’m not. I am however enclosing last month’s blurb which is now this month’s blurb although the dates in the blurb are still for the April show.

To recap, last month’s message, which some of you will have read already, but may wish to revisit, is for last month’s show which didn’t actually happen, but this month’s show on May 19th will happen. And remember that Monday, May 20th is a holiday so those of you who feel conflicted about going out on a Sunday night because you have to be somewhere on Monday can shed any of those residual feelings of guilt because you won’t have to be anywhere on Monday and you can stay for the entire show which will wrap up around 11 or so. Actually, I can’t be sure that none of you receiving this message will have nowhere to go on Monday May 20th, I don’t really know this, and in fact I have already made plans for Monday, but those plans are day-off type plans rather than work plans and I suspect that may be true for some of you as well, I just don’t want folks to get paranoid about whether or not I can somehow look into their calendars to determine whether they have anything on Monday May 20th, it is just an assumption I’m making – are we still cool?

Hope to see you there.


Song outtakes: “Sundown”, “What’ll I Do”, “Love Hurts”, “Smoking Song”,
“That’ll Be The Day”, and “Lay Down Sally”.

May 19th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Pipe Tunes / Fair Maid
5 Days In May
Needles and Pins
Silver Wings
Something Stupid
I’ve Been The One
Doctor My Eyes
Momma’s Hungry Eyes
Night Rider’s Lament
Crazy Red
Where Does Love Go…
Handle With Care
Every Time You Walk Into The Room
Copperhead Road
Back In The USSR
What’ll I Do
Across The Border
Love Hurts
Solitary Man
Breathe In Breathe Out
A Prayer
It’s Not Love
Smoking Song
Lay Down Sally
That’ll Be The Day
I Wanna