July 19th @ Free Times Café

Whenever I get the Saturday edition of the Globe and Mail (motto – “Canada’s National Newspaper” if you live in Toronto) the first section I always turn to – naturally – is the Style Section. In looking at it this weekend I was thrilled to see that temporary tattoos are now cool – and I hasten to add here that we’re not talking about those rub-on tattoos of the Teenage Ninja Turtles or Barbie that kids have but rather grown up type tattoos – which admittedly could include the Teenage Ninja Turtles or Barbie but only in an ironic way.

I don’t have a tattoo. It’s not that I have any objection to tattoos, it’s just that I have an aversion to pain and needles and blood and as far as I knew, those things are pretty much de riguer if you wanted a tattoo. The other issue I have is that even if I could get past those concerns (highly unlikely) what kind of tattoo would I want since they were, until recently, permanent.

The significance of a permanent tattoo was driven home to me a couple years ago when I was walking along Gerrard Street and saw a man coming towards me with a prominent neck tattoo. Now I know it’s considered rude to stare, but I figure if someone has a prominent tattoo on their neck they have to assume that they will get some looks. Anyway this tattoo, in big Gothic lettering said “Fuck Off”.

When I saw that I thought to myself; someone with a neck tattoo that says “Fuck Off” is someone who is pretty sure of what he wants in life. For example, he certainly doesn’t want a job in sales or customer service. And if he is not already in a permanent committed relationship then it’s pretty clear he isn’t interested in one.

I mean even if a potential partner finds a “Fuck Off” neck tattoo the ultimate in attractive bad boy behaviour, I suspect there will be strains in the relationship with meeting the folks (even if the folks are bikers) and hanging out with friends (even if they’re bikers too). And it’s kind of hard to hide a “Fuck Off” neck tattoo (“Thanks for bringing Glenn along – you’ve talked so much about him and he seems really nice. But why is he wearing a turtleneck in the middle of summer and how come he said he’d never come to our pool party?”)

I like to think at Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room we try to make a more welcoming initial impression. For example, if you come to our next show at the Free Times Café (on College west of Spadina) on Sunday, July 19 at 8 pm you’ll find that there is no cover charge. If it’s hot out, you’ll enjoy a nice air conditioned environment. You will also have many wonderful choices among the food and drink items. And in terms of the music, I think you’ll enjoy a wide and eclectic mix of tunes delivered by a group of musicians concerned with ensuring your enjoyment of the evening.

Hope to see you there.

– Jonathan

P.S. It is true that we tend to start our shows with bagpipes, and it is also true that for some (read many) people, bagpipes are the musical equivalent of a “Fuck Off” neck tattoo but at least you have been given fair warning, which I do think is pretty sporting.

July 19th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Riding Mountain / Hare O’ The Dug
5 Days In May
Silver Wings
Bad Weather
Half As Much
Reason I Left Mullingar
Waly Waly (The Water Is Wide)
Famous Last Words
Gringo In Belize
Gumboot Cloggeroo
Lay Down Sally
Rock N Roll Music
Glenora Ferry
My Home / The Shieliing
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Pencil Thin Moustache
Bartender Blues
I’ve Been The One
Wagon Wheel
People Are Crazy
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
Where Does Love Go
Harvest Moon
I Can See Clearly
Every Time You Walk Into The Room