November 15th @ Free Times Café

I do not think it will come as a surprise to many folks to learn that playing the mandolin and singing with Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room is not my full time job. Being one of the ten members of this wonderful musical ensemble, while bringing audiences much joy, does not do quite as well in terms of bringing in the cash. As a result, I do require a day job (and saying I require a day job implies that said day job somehow supplements the income I make from the band which may be stretching the income earning ability of the band to a large degree).

Personally, I am fortunate that in my day job I am able to dress pretty casually – and by casually I don’t mean business casual – which I have learned means a sports jacket and often a tie along with nice pants, although not really dressy pants, and nice shoes. And in case that definition confuses you, as it did me, a sports jacket does not mean a jacket with the logo of a sports team on it, and nice pants doesn’t mean jeans that were recently washed and nice shoes doesn’t mean sandals or a new pair of fresh out of the box running shoes. So while I thought I was pretty spiffy in my Blue Jays jacket with matching blue jeans and a nice new pair of running shoes, I realised within about an hour or two of my arrival at the ‘business casual’ dinner that I was mistaken (I’m perceptive that way).

Recently however, I have had to abandon my casual dress as I have been required to wear a tie on a number of occasions. Wearing a tie is something that I would rather not do and really do not enjoy. I realize that there are men who love wearing a tie and I do not mean in any way to suggest that this is at all odd or weird or something like that, it’s just that I would rather not wrap something around my neck every morning and keep it on all day – it’s just personal preference.

Anyway, one day as I was looking at myself in the mirror after doing battle with my tie, I came to a realization about the tie and I think I need to share that realization with you (and if you don’t want to share that realization you should stop reading now). Basically, and there is really no polite way of saying this, a tie is an arrow that points down to a man’s crotch. I can try to fancy that up a bit but really, that’s it, isn’t it? A tie is a piece of fabric that serves no utilitarian function and tapers to a point and that point either rests at or just above a man’s genital area.

Why is this considered high fashion? Why is this dressing up? If I wore T-shirt with an arrow pointing down to my man parts and at the bottom of arrow it said “Look here! Look here! Look here!” that would not be in good taste. In fact, I am utterly confident that I would never buy a T-shirt with such wording on it. I am even more confident that no woman I know would ever buy me such a T-shirt. But women buy men ties all the time. So what’s going on here?

I wish I knew, but I don’t.

Here is what I do know however (awkward segue alert! awkward segue alert!); Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room, the band I referenced at the start of this missive, will be playing our monthly show on Sunday, November 15. As always, the show will be at the Free Times Café which resolutely remains on College just west of Spadina. The show will start at 8 and, to remind me of the need to maintain my day job, there will be no cover.

Hope to see you there.


P.S. As for the dress code – let’s make it come as you are (although not necessarily come as you are now because that could be a few days away from the gig and you may want to change at least some of your clothes before the show, but that’s totally up to you).

November 15th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Horse Related Pipe Tunes
Excuse Me
Nigel’s Love Song
If I Were The Man You Wanted
Girl Crush
One Day At A Time
Lakes Of Ponchartrain
Song For A Winter’s Night
Sisters Of Mercy
Stand By Me
I Like It
Every Time That You Walk In The Room
Hector The Hero
Down In Belize
It’s All Your Fault
Holding Her And Loving You
Tunnel Vision
What Was I Thinking
Wedding Dress Lament
Across The Border
Door Number 3
Divorce Me C.O.D.
I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore
Happy Together
When The Night Hears My Song