March 20th @ Free Times Café

I don’t know about you (a pretty safe bet since I send this little missive to lots of folks so there is a good chance that I don’t know about you, although I might, depending on who are you, because some of you I know a lot about). O.K., this isn’t going well at all. I’m think I’m going to start again without any reference to you other than to acknowledge that you are reading this (and probably regretting it). So let us (well not us, me) restart.

I’m getting a bit tired of all the love that is coming to Canada from around the world since the Little Prince was elected Prime Minister. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful that the sun is now shining all the time and the clouds that have beset the country lo these many years have lifted and the evil overlords have departed to their caves in the West; but still, it’s Canada, it’s not Camelot or Lord of Rings or Game of Thrones. And it appears that much of the adulation the new Sun King is receiving from other lands is due as much to how crappy their leaders look in comparison to Pierre’s progeny. Witness the way the press in the U.S fell over itself praising Justin the First or, if you prefer, Trudeau the Second. Some of it is probably due to the fact he could be the grandson of most of the folks running for President, except for that Rubio guy – and why is he running anyway, isn’t he rich from inventing that Cube puzzle thing that was all the rage a while ago?

I guess the thing that bothers me is that there are lots of other things that Canada has that should be celebrated by the rest of the world (and thanks for thinking of Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room at this point but I’m going to hold off referring to that national treasure for a little bit ). For example, the concept of time zones was developed in Canada – did you know that? It’s true; Sir Sanford Fleming developed the concept of time zones after he missed a train. And did he just curse and blame someone else for missing the train, probably, but then he went and did something about it – he got the world to agree to create time zones. So basically you can thank Canada for jet lag. And for springing forward and falling back too – you know that thing we do with the clocks twice a year.

As with many great Canadians of a certain age, Sandy, as his friends never called him, was not born in Canada – rather, in his case, he was born in Scotland. In this regard he is similar to that other inventor type guy who gave us the telephone, Alexander Graham Rogers or Telus or something like that.

Speaking of importing things from Scotland (here it comes) in addition to Sandy and Alex, Canada also got bagpipes. I suppose it’s a quid pro quo assuming quid pro quo means ‘in exchange for taking two smart guys you have to take something that we will try to pass off as a musical instrument.’ As the saying goes, into the life of every great country a little discordant squawking must fall.

And if you’re interested in hearing a little discordant squawking, along with lots of great music played on a wide array of instruments and sung both lustily and reverently, depending on the nature of the song, perhaps you would like to come to the Free Times Cafe (still on College just west of Spadina) on Sunday, March 20. There, starting at 8 pm, the fine folks of Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room will once again take the stage (and the space around the stage too – because it’s a small stage and we’re a big band). In honour of Prime Minister Dreamy McDreamy’s triumphant to visit Washington there will be no cover and the Café will feature a menu of drinks and food inspired by this great country (and other great countries too because I’m pretty sure the falafel was not a Canadian creation).

Hope to see you there.


P.S. When it comes to discordant squawking, and I never thought I’d say this, I’ll take the bagpipes any day over the awful sounds emanating south of the border where Our Glorious Leader just returned from.

March 20th Set List:
Set #1: Set #2:
Lonely Loch nan Eun – Rakes of Kildair
Bama Breeze
Dancing In The Kitchen
Sioux City Sue
Where Does Love Go
You’re Running Wild
Love HUrts
Neil Gow Lament
Sugar Mountain
Pale Blue Eyes
Come Away To Belize
Happy Together
The Letter
Invitation To The Blues
Little Bit Of Rain
She Thinks I Still Care
Song For Smallpipes
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Transparent Dress
Dirty Old Town
Father’s Love
Solitary Man
Wheels On Fire
I Shall Be Released
Diamong Girl
Bang Bang