October 16th @ Free Times Café

I realize I may be coming a bit late to the discussion but I recently became aware that there is a presidential election going on south of the border. I suppose I should have known about it earlier but it’s been a pretty busy time. There’s the Blue Jays of course, and then there was that European soccer tournament earlier this summer that I followed quite closely (though for the life of me I can’t remember who won). And then of course there is the Brangelina split which has occupied a lot of my time as I’m sure it did yours.

I don’t want to seem like I don’t keep up with the news because I do. In Canada, for example, over the summer, Justin Trudeau was in various states of tasteful undress and got his picture taken a lot and now that it’s the fall he’s getting his picture taken with little kids. And in international news there was lots of coverage of Justin Trudeau in various states of tasteful undress and more recently pictures of him with kids. So it’s not like I’m not up to date on a lot of things.

But in this U.S. election, I gather one of the issues is that neither of the candidates are particularly likeable. I also gather that likeability is a big thing in a president. This is a bit weird because likeability is not necessarily the character trait I first look for in someone who could plunge the world into nuclear war by pressing a button.

Nevertheless, it looks like likeability is one of the big issues. A number of articles I’ve read sum this up in the question “Would you want to have a beer with the candidate?”

Now frankly, I think that’s a pretty facile question that demeans the intelligence of the average voter. I think all of us know that the question isn’t “Would you like to have a beer with the candidate?” but rather, “Who’s buying the beer?” and that question is really a rhetorical question because there is only one possible answer, and that is that the candidate is buying the beer because I’m certainly not going to be buying it.

And then there is that other much more important question which is “What kind of beer are we talking about anyway?” Because I don’t care if someone else is buying, but I’m not going to drink Bud Light or Coors Light or Miller under any circumstances. It’s not like I have to have a beer so bad that I’d drink a Bud Light and listen to some candidate for elected office go on and on about how likeable they are. And I realize these are all American beers but that is because we’re talking about the U.S. election, but we have these beers in Canada too and I’m not going to sit down with my local candidate with those brews if that’s what they’re buying here either.

This brings me, inevitably and inexorably, to Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room. If there’s one word that describes this fine aggregation of musicians its likeable (I’d also accept tremendously talented, the best band I’ve ever heard, and muscle geniuses, but those aren’t one word so I’ll stick with likeable).

How likeable are we? I think the best way to find out is to see us live, and in that regard you are in luck because we will be playing our usual third Sunday of the month gig on October 16 at the Free Times Café (College just west of Spadina). We start the show at the very popular time of 8 pm and as a terrific vote-grabber there is no cover. And while we won’t be buying the beers for you (we’re likeable, we’re not crazy) there are many great libations to choose from and there’s food too.

Hope to see you there.


P.S. if you’re wondering how likeable we really are consider that people find us likeable even though there are bagpipes in the band – I mean that’s quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself.