January 15th @ Free Times Café

Happy New Year!

Having now wished you Happy New Year, I figure if I send this off to enough folks then I think I’ve managed to deal with that thorny question of when do you say “Happy New Year!” to folks, and as significantly, when do you stop saying “Happy New Year!”.

Obviously at midnight on New Year’s Eve you say/shout/exclaim “Happy New Year!” but while that gets the folks in the immediate vicinity of the sound of your voice (and that’s a pretty big vicinity in my case if I do say so myself) it still leaves many people unaccounted for. And this year, since I spent New Year’s Eve curled up on the couch with some generalized but unspecified illness (I’m better now, thanks for asking), other than my loving partner (who was not near the couch I was curled up on) and my cat (who was there because I wasn’t too ill to pet him and that’s all that matters to him) I wasn’t able to knock anyone off my list.

You see we’re now at that awkward time of the year when I’m not sure whether to say Happy New Year to folks or not. If the first time I see someone in 2017 is February or May then I know don’t have to say “Happy New Year!”, but at what point in January do you stop with the New Year’s greetings, I don’t know – and as you can tell, this causes me some concern.

The issue for me is that I don’t want people to think I’m a callous, uncaring person. No one wants people to think of themselves as callous and uncaring – even callous and uncaring people don’t want to be thought of as callous and uncaring – so on the one hand I might push the envelope for when I say “Happy New Year!” until later in January.

On the other hand, I don’t want folks to think I’m socially awkward and unaware – again even socially awkward and unaware people don’t want to be thought of as socially awkward and unaware – so I don’t want to be saying “Happy New Year!” after all the cool folks know it’s time to stop (I assume that’s yet another thing that all the cool folks know).

And yes, I know there are probably more important things to worry about, but this is something that is in my control, as opposed to, say, the Russians taking over the Internet or what the next Star Wars movie will look like without Carrie Fisher in it.

Anyway, I needn’t worry anymore because I have wished you all, each and every one of you, a Happy New Year. So if I happen to speak to you and I don’t wish you a Happy New Year it’s because I already have. I suppose now you have to worry about saying “Happy New Year!” to me, or alternatively not saying “Happy New Year!” to me. Unless of course you are one of the cool folks and you already know (and I assume you are all cool folks so I guess this isn’t really something you are concerned about).

So with that out of the way I can concentrate on inviting you to Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room’s first show of 2017 which will take place on Sunday, January 15th (the third Sunday is early this year) at the Free Times Café (College just west of Spadina). Show starts at 8 and if you say “Happy New Year!” to the staff when you come in there is no cover (unless the cool folks have stopped saying “Happy New Year!” by January 15 and the staff at the Free Times will know because they, too, are cool folks).

Hope to see you there.


P.S. We also have a show on January 25th – Robbie Burns Day – and February 19th – the day before Family Day – but I can’t make either of those shows so let me now wish you Happy Robbie Burns Day and Happy Family Day too so I can get those out of the way as well.

January 15th Set List:
Set #1: Set #2:
Battle of the Somme
Now and Then
Man of Constant Sorrow
I Mean It When I Say I Do
Rocky Top
Gin Smoke and Lies
Still A Part Of Me
Dead Flowers
I Can See Clearly
Rubber Ducky
Red Rubber Ball
Kilworth Hills / Atholl Highlanders
16 Days
It’s All Your Fault
Lake Dore Waltz
Grandkid Song
Heart Like A Wheel
(Gordon’s Other Song)
A Man Like You
The Wanderer
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Dream Lover
Higher and Higher