January 14th @ Free Times Café

For the last few weeks I have returned to the winter of my youth. The snow remains white. You have to make sure to wear sunglasses when you go walking during the day. When you do venture out the snow crunches under your feet with a sound that is unique to winter in Canada. Shoveling snow at night the sky is clear and the sound of the shovel against the pavement bounces off the darkness. The air has its own special feel and even taste. When you go out and breathe deeply the fine hairs in your nose stick together. If you decide to drive you start the car ten minutes early to warm it up.

Yes, this is the winter of my youth. And I’ve had enough of it.

Sure it’s been nice, but it’s also been mostly the holidays and so I didn’t have to go out every day. And frankly as refreshing and bracing as it has been outside, having to put on three layers of clothes just to throw something in the recycling bin is becoming a bit of a drag.

I realize some of you reading this live in places where winter is really winter and it lasts for three or four or five months or maybe even longer and that’s great for you. But for me, I’ve had my fill of winter already. I’m ready to go back to the usual slushy, grey overcast first few months of the New Year in Toronto that are kind of, but not quite, winter. Yes, I’ll miss the sun but I won’t miss the cold.

Admittedly, and reluctantly, I have come to realize that I have no control over the weather (it has taken me a while to learn this but I think I’ve got it). I understand that if I really don’t like the way a particular season is playing out I have two choices. The first is to stick around and complain about the weather to anyone who will listen (or even if they won’t listen will at least complain along with me). The second option is to stop complaining and go somewhere, where, as the blues song says, “the weather suits my clothes” (although I have been told that some of the clothes I have are unsuitable for any weather – or at least for wearing outside for public viewing in any environment at any time in any location anywhere on the face of the earth).

These aren’t even mutually exclusive options. I can still complain about the weather while I’m here and then I can leave and not complain about the weather until I come back. Or if I want to be really obnoxious I can complain about the weather here, leave and complain about the weather where I go and then come back and complain about the weather both here and where I was. So many choices!!!!

Admittedly there is yet another option which is to stop complaining about the weather altogether and just enjoy the fact that we have four different seasons in Canada. Which, when I come to think about it, is what I did in my youth. I didn’t complain about the weather, I just accepted it, enjoyed it and went about my life. So sure, I could do that, but as another more modern blues (and Canadian) song put it “I’m An Adult Now” and one way you know you’re an adult is to complain about the weather – among other things.

There is, finally, one other option and that is to set your complaints (or the complaints of others) to music – which magically transforms pointless whining into entertainment. And that is the sort of magic that we do at Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room. And we will be performing this magic on Sunday, January 14, at the Free Times Café on College, just west of Spadina. The show starts at 8pm, there is no cover, and lots of choice as to what you might wish to eat and drink (so nothing to complain about there).

Fans of the Living Room or of these missives will know that we usually play on the third Sunday of every month but this month we’re playing on the second Sunday. That’s because we have another show at the Free Times on January 25th – our annual Robbie Burns show featuring fee haggis and lots of bagpipes! And please feel free to complain about the change in our schedule – it won’t do any good but it will make you feel like an adult.

Hope to see you there.


P.S. And just to let you know, complaining about the bagpipes gets you nowhere – trust me, I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried…

January 14th Set List:
Set #1: Set #2:
Reel Set
Excuse Me…
Pair Of Brown Eyes
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Long Black Veil
Log Driver’s Song
Ain’t No Cure For Love
Histoires Sans Paroles
In My Life
White Bird
What Was I Thinking?
Sister Goldenhair
Eight Days A Week
Buffalo Plaid
I Wonder
Stronger Beer
I’ll Take The Blame
Lord Franklin
Sisters Of Mercy
Nobody Answers…
Can’t Stand Up
Neil Gow’s Lament
Bad Hand
First We Take Manhattan
Rock N Roll Music