August 18th @ Free Times Café

There’s a rhyme I remember from when I was young that ascribed characteristics to children based on the day they were born. It started “Monday’s child is fair of face/Tuesday’s child is full of grace…”

But this wasn’t one of those modern day kids’ poems or stories where important life lessons of tolerance are learned and we are all encouraged to embrace diversity. This was no “Joanne has two mommies, three daddies and a friend who is transitioning.” No way. This was more “Your life is determined by things that are totally out of your control.”

This poem was more like the racism in Walt Disney films – racism in Walt Disney films? You bet – here is just one site of many that details some of them. And does anyone remember Noddy – Enid Blyton’s children’s books – don’t get me started!!!!

Where was I? Oh yeah – the poem. So in the poem, life is good for kids born on Monday and Tuesday but then… “Wednesday’s child is full of woe/Thursday’s child has far to go.” Boy that’s nice. Things improve for Friday’s child who is “Loving and giving” but Saturday’s child “Works hard for his living” – it’s a piece of cake if you are born on Monday, Tuesday or Friday apparently. And Sunday’s child – well, “The child that is born on the Sabbath day/Is bonny, blithe, good and gay.” As a Wednesday’s child I say “Who wants to be bonny anyway?” Bonnys just lie over the ocean don’t they?

It is indisputable however, that we do give particular meaning to certain days of the week. Sundays, in popular song, are days of rest, wistfulness, and contemplation. You want examples, how about “Sundays Will Never Be the Same” by Spanky and Our Gang, “Sunday Morning” by the Velvet Underground, or “Easy (Like Sunday Morning)” by Lionel Ritchie – sorry about reminding you of that one. On the other hand, Saturdays – well Elton John tells us that “Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting” and the Bay City Rollers taught us how to spell – “S A T U R D A Y Night”, and there’s David Bowie’s “Drive-In Saturdays” and so on and so on.

“People Are Crazy” featuring Dean Cavil on guitar and vocals.

The fine folks at Gordon’s Acoustic Ling Room – the band that I am proud to call home – will be testing out the difference between Saturday and Sunday in the next few months. You see for the first time since we started doing shows at the Free Times Café (College just west of Major) lo these many years ago, we will be doing our monthly show on a Saturday in August rather than a Sunday. So mark it down, this month we’ll be at the Free Times on Saturday, August 18. We’re back to Sundays for September and October (but note the September show will be the fourth Sunday of the month – September 23) and then try Saturdays again in November on November 17.

Will things be different? Will a new wilder spirit take over the band and the audience? What might transpire on August 18? I have no idea – but if you come to the show – from 8 to 11ish (hey its Saturday we might go later) – no cover – you’ll find out.

Hope to see you there – and even bonny and blithe Sunday kids are welcome – that’s just the kind of band we are.



August 18th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Big Pipe Set
It’s A Great Day
Angel From Montgomery
Sioux City Sue
Red Rubber Ball
I’ll Take The Blame
Whiskey Like Wine
Boney Fingers
Drifting Away
Come Away to Belize
Twin Brother
She’s Not There
New Speedway Boogie
Something About a Truck
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
Spanish Pipe Dream
Small Pipe Set
Don’t Be Cruel
Did She Mention My Name
Down in Belize
Invitation to the Blues
Fast Freight
I Shall Be Released
It’s Not Love
Glenora Ferry