September 23rd @ Free Times Café

My handwriting sucks. Actually that’s not true; In fact I am totally incapable of what is referred to as cursive writing. Other than being able to make a few loops, a line and a dot, which forms my signature, I never write.

So, let me start again. My printing sucks. Now I know that many people say that their printing/handwriting is bad, but mine goes beyond bad. If I take down a phone number and look at it five minutes later I can’t tell if I’ve written a 6, a 9 or 0 – and I’m also unclear how a ^ can be part of a phone number.

When I print a note for someone and they come to ask me what a certain word means, I have no idea, because even I can’t read my printing.

All of this was quite a problem when I used to use a daybook to record my appointments. I would look at the book, for say a Thursday, and see at 10 am what appeared to be “Grzijkp” and I would have no idea what that meant. I would ask people if they knew what “Grzijkp” meant, and of course they couldn’t help at all. When Thursday arrived I hoped that “Grzijkp” was coming to see me because I sure as hell wasn’t going to see him or her or it because I wouldn’t know what to look for.

I therefore was really happy when electronic calendars became available. I jumped on that bandwagon and have continued to ride along, happily knowing where I was supposed to be and who I was supposed to see.

It hurts me then to acknowledge that there is a problem with reliance on electronic calendars and that problem is that there is a lack of permanence in our lives. It used to be (stop laughing young people who have never known a world not run by Microsoft Outlook) that you could commit to an appointment by saying “OK, I’m writing it down in pen.” Conversely, if you were not sure of a date or a place you would say “Write in pencil so you can erase it.” But now its just a series of electrons and they are so easy to move around that we have no qualms about changing times and dates of appointments at the drop of a hat, and again and again and again.

Your want a for instance – OK, here’s one, and it involves my favourite folk/rock/county/Celtic/roots/funk band Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room (the funk part may be a bit of overreaching – but just a bit). As long time recipients of these emails and/or fans of the band know (and there are many more of the former than the latter but I will speak no more of that) we play on the third Sunday of every month at the Free Times Café conveniently located at College and Major.

“A Prayer”, written by Jonathan Rudin

This year we changed things up a bit to play a couple Saturdays and we dutifully notified people of the new dates and some of you, maybe just a few, noted the new dates. Well guess what, our fall schedule is completely changed – forget whatever you wrote down (if you still do that) because it’s all different. This month we are playing on Sunday September 23, the fourth Sunday of the month, and in October it’s going to be Saturday, October 27 and in November Sunday November 18.

What hasn’t changed, of course, is that the show starts at 8 pm., there is no cover, there will be lots to eat and drink, we’ll play a whole boatload of tunes and you’ll have a good time. Hope to see you there. And please note, no electrons were harmed in the creation of this message.


Watch Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room on YouTube: