July 20th @ Free Times Café

Last month you received a fair number of emails from corporations and organizations exhorting you to continue to allow them to keep in touch with you. This sudden desire to reach omut was not inspired by any real concern for your wellbeing or the nature (or lack thereof) of a relationship between you and the entity reaching out, but rather, as a result of a piece of legislation. Yes, it was the new Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL or CAStLe as I like to refer to it because I love acronyms) that required organizations to obtain consent from individuals by June 30 in order to continue to email them.

I did wonder why I did not receive a missive from that lawyer in England who represents the estate of someone with my name and who wants me to get in touch with him so he can send me millions of Euros or the Saudi prince who just needs a little help to get 15 million dollars out of the country. I also noticed that the helpful folks who repeatedly tell me I need penile enlargement didn’t ask for my permission either (and while I appreciate their concern I do wonder how they know).

In a similar vein, you might wonder why you received nothing from me asking for your consent to continue to receive the missives I send regarding the exploits of Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room. If you did wonder, I suspect two possible answers suggested themselves.

The first is that I am a rebel who refuses to be constrained by the laws of a repressive state and who will only stop sending emails about the band when they pull the keyboard from my cold dead hands (I assume that the rest of me would also be dead and at roughly the same temperature, it would be pretty crappy to be otherwise in fine health but just with cold dead hands).

The other possibility is that due to my legal training I have carefully studied the law and determined that after a careful parsing of the legislation that it exempts me from its reach. Let’s go with that one. In fact, I didn’t actually read the law, but I did half-listen to a piece on CBC radio and partially read one or two of the emails from folks asking me to let them continue to litter my in-box. As a result of this careful study I have concluded that the emails I send are exempt from the law – or to put it another way, I am the king of the CASL.

I occupy such an exalted state because I’m not peddling anything. And so, for no commercial purpose, and really as a public service, I’m writing to let you know that Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room will once again be at the Free Times Cafe (College just west of Spadina) on Sunday, July 20. As always, there is no cover. As always the show starts at 8. As always there will be lots and lots of great music. As always there will be bagpipes (sorry, it can’t all be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows – as the saying goes, into every life a little bagpipe must fall).

Hope to see you there.

– Jonathan

P.S. For those who plan their lives around our shows, if only to come up with excuses for why you can’t make it, there are a couple changes to our regular third Sunday of the month schedule in the fall. In September we’re playing on the 14th and in November on the 23rd. We’re doing this to accommodate our bagpipe player because a band without bagpipes is, well it’s actually quite good, but he doesn’t want anyone to find out.

July 20th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Summer Breeze
Saskatchewan Sky
Old Paint
Pancho and Lefty
Blue Suede Shoes / Rock N’ Roll Music
Parting Glass
I Don’t Want Nobody
Down City Streets
Smoking Song
P Stands For Paddy
Down Under
Tracks Of My Tears
Every Time That You Walk In The Room
It’s All Your Fault
Golden Ring
Rocket Man
Drinking Whiskey Like Wine
Gringo In Belize
Green Fields of France
Lady Bridget Oppenheim
Everybody Knows
Save The Last Dance For Me
Lay Down Sally
Orange Blossom Special
Long Way To The Top