July 20th @ Free Times Café

Last month you received a fair number of emails from corporations and organizations exhorting you to continue to allow them to keep in touch with you. This sudden desire to reach omut was not inspired by any real concern for your wellbeing or the nature (or lack thereof) of a relationship between you and the entity reaching out, but rather, as a result of a piece of legislation. Yes, it was the new Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL or CAStLe as I like to refer to it because I love acronyms) that required organizations to obtain consent from individuals by June 30 in order to continue to email them.

I did wonder why I did not receive a missive from that lawyer in England who represents the estate of someone with my name and who wants me to get in touch with him so he can send me millions of Euros or the Saudi prince who just needs a little help to get 15 million dollars out of the country. I also noticed that the helpful folks who repeatedly tell me I need penile enlargement didn’t ask for my permission either (and while I appreciate their concern I do wonder how they know).

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