April 19th @ Free Times Café

What is infrastructure? It’s a big question. I mean it’s not as big as ‘what is life?’ or ‘why are we here?’ or ‘who let the dogs out?’ (yes, people are still asking that annoying question); but nevertheless it’s a big question.

So then what is this thing that we call infrastructure? Infrastructure is the stuff that needs to be done to keep the city/province/country running properly but isn’t really exciting. Things like fixing sewer lines, repairing bridges, and the like. Basically infrastructure makes things boring. For example, a bridge collapsing is really exciting. There are pictures and news stories and fingers pointed. But if a bridge doesn’t collapse that’s not exciting. How often can the TV news run a story on a bridge that’s not collapsing? “Bill, I’m reporting here beside the Hammond Street Bridge and it’s still standing, apparently in no danger of collapsing, but just in case I’ll be here as I’ve been for the past 379 days because if something does happen, I Witness News will be there.”

But there is a time when infrastructure isn’t boring, and that’s when it gets in the way of what you want to do. Let me give you an example ripped from the pages of today’s newspaper – an expression that fewer and fewer people understand as the number of folks who actually read a newspaper from which things can be ripped from continues to dwindle.

As most of you know, Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room, that intrepid band of musical explorers that I am proud to be part of, ply our trade (to the extent it is a trade, and I guess because there are 10 of us it’s a ten ply trade) the third Sunday of every month at the Free Times Cafe. And where is the Free Times Cafe? Well if you are a regular reader of these missives you will know that it is on College just west of Spadina. And while the location of the Free Times Cafe has not changed, thanks to infrastructure, it just got a lot harder to get to.

You see the TTC is doing work on the streetcar tracks at College and Spadina meaning that the whole intersection will be closed for some time. I’m not really clear on how long the work will go on because I really don’t care as I’m not the neighbourhood that often (even less so since Mother’s Dumplings, which is on Spadina south of College, opened a new restaurant near me), but what I do know is that the intersection will be closed on Sunday, April 19, when we have our next show. So while infrastructure is an important and necessary thing, it sucks when it gets in my way. And that’s the problem with infrastructure – while it’s boring to most people, it usually really ticks off those who are most impacted by whatever it takes to get the infrastructure up to scratch or up to snuff or whatever we’re trying to get it up to.

Anyway, I hope you won’t let a little infrastructure get in your way and you’ll come out to see us on Sunday April 19 at the Free Times Cafe at 8 pm. If you usually come to see us from the west you won’t notice a thing, if you usually come from the east, please remember the infrastructure and perhaps find a new route, because if the old one would see you cross Spadina at College that ain’t gonna happen (and the same goes for folks coming from the north or south).

And to thank everyone who comes out to the show, as a special treat, there will be no cover!!!! I know, we care too much, but we can’t help it, that’s who we are.

Hope to see you there.


PS: There is apparently no infrastructure scheduled for the bagpipes so they will be at the Free Times. Govern yourself accordingly.

April 19th Set List
Set #1 Set #2
Old Rustic Bridge
Now And Then
Coast Of Carolina
Ashokan Farewell
Histoires San Parole
One More Time
It’s Not Love
Weird Weather
Bad Weather
Five Days In May
Red Rubber Ball
Unchain My Heart
His Brother’s Lament (For Ian Sinclair)
You Ain’t Going Nowhere
Wichita Lineman
What’ll I Do
He’ll Have To Go
500 Miles
Where Does Love Go
I’m The Only One
Long Black Rifle
What She’s Got
What A Man Loves A Woman
Come Together
Diamond Girl