April 19th @ Free Times Café

What is infrastructure? It’s a big question. I mean it’s not as big as ‘what is life?’ or ‘why are we here?’ or ‘who let the dogs out?’ (yes, people are still asking that annoying question); but nevertheless it’s a big question.

So then what is this thing that we call infrastructure? Infrastructure is the stuff that needs to be done to keep the city/province/country running properly but isn’t really exciting. Things like fixing sewer lines, repairing bridges, and the like. Basically infrastructure makes things boring. For example, a bridge collapsing is really exciting. There are pictures and news stories and fingers pointed. But if a bridge doesn’t collapse that’s not exciting. How often can the TV news run a story on a bridge that’s not collapsing? “Bill, I’m reporting here beside the Hammond Street Bridge and it’s still standing, apparently in no danger of collapsing, but just in case I’ll be here as I’ve been for the past 379 days because if something does happen, I Witness News will be there.”

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