December 18th @ Free Times Café

I admit it. I was getting worried in October and by the time November hit I was really concerned. I mean who wouldn’t be. It seemed like the world was off its moorings. How would we ever find our way again? I know that might seem excessive but really, how else could I have reacted? And then I stopped for a minute and I really listened, and many of my worries went away.

As it turned out, it wasn’t the pole stars that were wrong – and that would have been a huge issue because the pole stars are vital for navigation – but rather it was the pollsters who were wrong, and frankly how much should we even care about that.

And then it turned out, that at least with reference to the U.S. election, it really wasn’t that the pollsters were wrong, rather it was a really wonky electoral system that was odd, a system where the person with the most votes came in second. I know in Canada we have issues with the first past the post voting system, which clearly has its flaws, but I don’t recall anyone advocating a second past the post system as a better alternative.

The bigger story in the U.S. election and in the Brexit vote before that, was how many people simply didn’t bother to vote. At the end of the day, isn’t that a more serious issue. It is a bit odd to see interviews with people at demonstrations articulating their concern with the direction their country has just taken in an election in which they didn’t vote.

Admittedly, voting can be difficult. First you have to find out where you have to go to vote, and then you have to go to that place, and then you have to line up, and then you have to show people that you are the person you say you are, and then you have to walk over to a place to actually vote, and then you have to pick up a pencil and indicate your choice, and then you have to walk back to where you got your ballot, and then you have to give them your ballot, and then you have to watch them put your ballot in a box. and then you have to say thank you, and then you have to find your way home. I mean I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

So, while Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room can’t solve all the problems with the voting system, perhaps we can show the way to a practical alternative. And particularly given the confusion that has flowed from Canada’s federal committee looking at electoral reform, perhaps the GALR system might want to be considered. What is the GALR voting system you might ask? And why is an incredibly talented 10-piece band concerning itself with voting (I admit I may have embellished the question you might not even be asking yourself a bit here, but please indulge me)?

For G.A.L.R., December is the month where we traditionally host our all-request show – and what is December but a month full of tradition. Given our legion of fans (OK perhaps legion which is defined as ‘great in number’ may be pushing it) and our legion of songs (that is certainly true) we needed a method to easily allow folks to pick their favourite tunes.

We have done that. All you need to do is click this link and all will be revealed.

Go ahead, click on the link, and then take your time and vote for some songs. Vote for one, vote for 10, hell vote for 30 or more, it’s up to you, because we want to create the easiest and most open voting system possible. And you know what, you can vote more than once if you want to, that’s fine with us.

Maybe you’re thinking, “But I’ve never actually seen the band although I’ve heard so many great things about it and love their videos on YouTube” or perhaps “I would so love to see the show but unfortunately I have surgery scheduled for Sunday, December 18.” Never mind, vote anyway. Your vote will help shape the music we play and so it will almost be like you are on stage with us even if you’re not even there.

One thing you can’t say however, is “I’d love to go but I can’t afford it” because the show is free. Yes, as is our practice for our all-request shows, and really all our shows, there is no cover.

So please vote and if you can find the time, come to see us on Sunday, December, 18th at 8 p.m. at the Free Times Café on College, just west of Spadina. It’ll be fun.


P.S. When you peruse our song list you will see that you have no options to choose any of our bagpipe tunes. The reason for that is quite simple – all bagpipe tunes sound the same and so it is unreasonable to expect any person to be able to discern one tune from another. Bagpipes will be played at the show, however, so consider yourself warned.

December 18th Set List:
Set #1: Set #2:
Bagpipe Carols
I Believe In Father Christmas
Log Driver’s Waltz
Brown Eyed Girl
When A Man Loves A Woman
Love Hurts
Ashokan Farewell
Wichita Lineman
Harvest Moon
Tower Of Song
Unchain My Heart
Glenora Ferry
Don’t Give Me No Goose…
Christmas Island
First We Take Manhattan
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
500 Miles
Roses At The Pow Wow
Dream Lover
Unchained Melody
House Of The Rising Sun
Save The Last Dance For Me
Bang Bang
Orange Blossom Special
When The Night…