July 15th @ Free Times Café

There have been two big stories in the news the past little while. One is that it has been really hot out and the other is that I am really stupid. Now admittedly it’s not that Peter Mansbridge (or whoever fills in for him when he’s getting his head waxed) starts the National by saying “Tonight – heat wave continues all over Canada and Jonathan Rudin is really stupid.” It’s just that I am reminded of my lack of intelligence whenever the discussion turns – as it has done a lot lately – to the Higgs boson.

I admit I started a bit behind on this whole thing. You see I thought people were talking about the Higgs bosom and I didn’t know who Higgs was but I figured it was just some amply endowed starlet and I had no need to keep up with the story since I focus my entrainment news on the comings and goings of Justin Bieber – the greatest entertainer in the world.

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