June 16th @ Free Times Café

Gordon’s Acoustic Living Room’s monthly Free Times Café gig is coming up on Sunday June 16. This being Toronto, I realize that there are always lots of other things a person can do on a Sunday night as well. I have been cataloguing the reasons people have not been able to make one of our gigs over the years, and for your information, the top three are: 1) have another commitment; 2) washing my hair; and 3) my hamster died. Interestingly, those were three most popular reasons I was turned down for dates when I was in high school – I guess there are eternal verities after all.

This being our 10th third Sunday in June however, I realize that this gig always runs up against Father’s Day. Father’s Day, as you may know, is a creation of card companies, tie companies and men’s grooming product companies. I suggest you don’t succumb to corporate pressure and instead bring dad to the Free Times.

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