April 16th @ Free Times Café

It’s April and that means baseball is back. I realize that there are folks who think that baseball is dull, that nothing happens and that it takes too long. I get that and I respect the fact that there are people who don’t enjoy baseball. Those people, however, are wrong.

As wonderful as baseball is, and it is wonderful on so many different levels, it has become commercialized to almost the nth degree (and why the nth degree, what about the oth degree the pth degree all the way to the zth degree). There is almost no end of merchandise related to baseball – and not only related to baseball in general but also specifically to your beloved Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays will, for a price, add their logo to pretty much anything. Obviously jerseys and caps but also jackets, underwear, briefcases, lamps, wallpaper, toasters, carpets, towels, rocking chairs and caskets (I’m not sure if you can get all of these things with the Jays logo but if not, they’re coming soon). I was recently in an LCBO (for research purposes only) and saw little bottles of rum decked out in teeny tiny Blue Jay uniforms.

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