Barry Pausey performs “Lodestar” at the May, 2015 show.

Jonathan Rudin sings “A Prayer” at the September, 2012 show.

Dean Cavill performing “People Are Crazy” at the August, 2012 show.

A rousing rendition of the classic Yardbirds song, performed live at The Free Times Cafe in downtown Toronto. Features the musical talents of Gaye Zimmerman-Huycke on vocals and Dean Cavill on electric guitar, as well as the ensemble G.A.L.R. cast (Terry, Bert, Rory, Barry, Jonathan, Gordon, Wayne) carrying the weight instrumentally.

This event celebrating the birthday of Robert Burns is organized each year by Rory Sinclair and Mary Newberry. This video collage serves to help remember the 20th anniversary of their tribute event and to showcase the talent and festivities that take place each year.

Video recorded live at The Free Times Café in Toronto, and mixed to the studio CD track which was recorded in the summer of 2010 at Crave Music Studios.

Videos recorded and edited by JACKSON | HAMILTON video professionals.